Young Horizons Policies

Center Schedule

Young Horizons is open from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, with the exception of major legal holidays. In regards to extreme weather conditions, please call the center for information.

Supplies, Infant - 2 years old

  1. All formula, milk, food, snacks, juice, etc. must be provided by the parent along with a feeding schedule.
  2. All diapers, powder, cream, wet wipes, etc. must be provided by the parent along with a signed parental consent form for use.
  3. Several complete changes of clothes must be provided daily by the parents.
  4. If your child has a special blanket, toy or animal, you are welcome to send it. A sheet and blanket or sleeping bag are required for children who rest on cots at naptime.
  5. All supplies must be properly labeled with your child's name.

Supplies, 2 - 5 years old

  1. A complete change of clothes, labeled with your child's name, must remain at the center for emergencies.
  2. If your child requires a blanket for naptime, we request that you provide it.
  3. A nutritional lunch is provided by the parent. Two snacks and all beverages, including milk for lunch, are provided by the center.
  4. Appropriate dress for outside is a necessity; we try to go out daily.
  5. All supplies must be properly labeled with your child's name.


It is recommended that medications not be administered at a day care center. For special case, the giving of medication shall be the responsibility of the director when authorized in wrtiting by the parent and upon written direction of a physician. Physician authorization forms for administration of prescription medications and over-the-counter medications (including Tylenol) can be picked up at the center or downloaded by clicking the appropriate links and must be filled out before the director can dispense the medication.

Medications must be in pharmacy prepared containers and labeled with the name of the child, name of drug, strength, dosage, frequency, physician's or dentist's name and date of original prescriptionn. Any child taking antibiotics prescribed by a physician must have at least 24 hours worth of medication before coming to day care.

Diaper rash creams and powders, insect repellant and sunscreen may be provided by the parent along with a signed parental consent form.

Injury and Illness

Unfortunatley, day care is a place where germs are easily passed from one child to another. This can cause illness which can become difficult for working parents. We encourage all parents to have alternative emergency care arrangements, such as a relative or friend, set up before the need arises. All caregivers are instructed to assess each child upon arrival at the center to determine the possible presence of illness.

We must ask you to help avoid the spread of illness by keeping your child home if he/she is exhibiting any signs of being ill. The more obvious signs would be fever of 100.6* or higher (temp should be normal for 24 hours without the benefit of fever reducing medication before the child returns to school), a severe cold, vomitting, diarrhea, unidentified rashes, purulent eye drainage, congested cough, impetigo, head lice, or any suspected commuincable disease.

If your child is seriously injured or becomes seriously ill while at the center, 911 will be called and you will be notified.








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